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The Music Plug team consists of some of the most motivated, energetic, and music loving individuals who strive to bring you the best product to the music industry.

David Crego

Chief Executive Officer

Lincoln Marti

Chief Financial Officer

JR Crego

Chief Marketing Officer

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WHO WE ARE –Music Plug is a company dedicated to bringing an ultimate convenience to the music world & industry with culture in mind. We strive to bring this convenience with a unique experience within our app. This is why we have compiled the three best ingredients for a better music world, your music, your news, and your concert tickets.MUSIC PLUG IDEALS:Culture
At Music Plug we want to make sure we celebrate and appreciate the works of art in music from all walks of life. Culture is a term coined as being the “celebration of human intelligence achievement regarded collectively” & thats exactly what we aim to do here. We believe in not only being curious about other cultures, but also giving them a platform to share how wonderful their culture may be. Through culture we hope to promote growth not only for our brand, but for all that play a role in adding to the forever growing music world.


Within Music Plug we want to strive for transparency between ourselves as the company and you as the user. Our thoughts, feelings, and motives will be clear to anyone apart of our community although we state that we try to be as unbiased as humanly possible to give each genre, artist, or band. As well we want to be transparent with our community as you are what makes our company what it is. Without transparency there can hardly be any trust between a company and their community. Through this value we hope to push the forward movement of making the music world more accessible as music is a cornerstone of everyones lives.


Another core value of Music Plug is the term “Idealism” which commonly refers to pursuing unrealistic ideas. Believing in the impossible is what makes the impossible come to life. We encourage all to bring forth their ideas, comments, and concerns so we can pursue these ideas as a community.
Have you ever heard of the term “2 heads are better than 1”?
We believe in this whole heartedly.  Aiming to bring the next “Big thing” to life becomes easier with a community. Some of the most outrageous and out of this world ideas have come to life so lets make that step forward to becoming the next big thing.


As stated above, in the Idealism section, we believe in coming together as a community to push our company forward. Collaboration can come in many ways such as letting us know of a problem, stating an idea that you would like to see implemented or even seeing what kind of work we need help with. Music Plug may be small now, but has plans on creating one of the largest communities within the music world.

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